IPL – What Is It and What’s Its Use in Skincare?

Having beautiful skin is a blessing – most people believe in this conventional idea. But what if there is a method to cure your skin issues and give the best possible glowing skin you always dreamed of. With modern techniques like Clinique Anti Aging IPL laser treatment, you can now make your dream a reality.

Glowing and healthy skin will not only make your skin younger and brighter but also boost your confidence. People with beautiful skin can be visually attractive and physically energetic. The impact a healthy skin can make in your life is beyond words.

So, what exactly is this modern technique that cures most skin issues? It is called Intense Pulsed Light (IPL). It’s a procedure that acts directly on the skin. No, it’s not magic; hence, it will take some time to see the results. But once you take a few sittings, the results will be dramatic.

IPL is low maintenance and affordable skin treatment for people with redness, rosacea, matted complexion, sunburnt skin, and many other skin issues such as acne.

Prolonged and regular treatment will alter the composition of your damaged skin into a healthy one. Some studies suggest that the effect can be on the molecular level and the skin can get permanently repaired.

Contradicting popular belief is the fact that IPL is not a laser. It is a beam of pulsed light with high intensity that penetrates the outer surface of your skin to treat discoloration and damaged skin cells. It enhances the elasticity of the skin and encourages the production of new collagen.

Also, be aware that IPL is not a hair removal procedure. Even though some hair strands tend to get uprooted in the process, most IPL rays do not penetrate the skin that deep. IPL has such fewer side effects that even the hair of your skin will not be affected.

Precautions If You Decide to Undergo the IPL Treatment

Don’t undergo this treatment at any random skincare clinic. It will do more harm than good if things go south. Also, inform your doctor if you’re taking any medications.

Experienced dermatology clinics like Clinique Anti Aging with in-depth knowledge and insight on the practical aspects of IPL should be trusted while undergoing this skin treatment and many more. The dermats will first analyze the type of your skin and the issue you’re facing before proceeding to the treatment. In short, even though IPL is effective, it has to be administered carefully under expert supervision only.