A wedding is a big deal for a lot of people. What they wear, the destination, the décor, and a lot of things matter. You need to invest time and money to plan a happening wedding that everyone remembers. Wedding these days are planned according to the latest trends that are happening at the moment.

Here is a prediction of trends for 2022 to 2023, and the styles that will get popular in the coming year. Inspired by the updated wedding reports and the best wedding planners, couples around the world, and suppliers, the list of must-haves and trends for the wedding is ready for you.

After the covid 19, pandemic wedding planning has an array of new trends, but at the same time everyone wants to go for something different from others be it clothing, styling, catering, or the flowers, there are certain trends and options that can be seen in the coming years ahead.

A guest list that is refined:

It was quite difficult to decide the guest list earlier, but since the pandemic, it has become a little different when it comes to deciding who needs to be a part of the wedding functions. It is no longer a trend that you need to invite an entire bunch of people to your wedding, couples these days want to have intimate people as a part of the celebration.

It is a trend to have a smaller wedding in a unique way that allows your budget to spread out well. The couple looks forward to the quality than the quantity.

The experience that is ultimate:

Having a smaller gathering for a longer period is growing to be a trend for many people and it doesn’t seem like being out of date for the years coming ahead. Unique packages, celebrations, and creativity are being extended, and the experience of the destination gets more prominent in the years coming ahead.

The wedding will start having an exciting list of guests and a bunch of fun activities along with lifetime adventures. Locations are so inspiring you get to witness weddings in a chartered yacht, relish on exotic desserts, and elite wine.

Villas for the wedding:

Couples are now desiring weddings in a villa and it is one of the most desired things on the list. Villas have everything that is on the list, exclusivity, privacy, and amenities to plan a wedding day the way you want. You can even get wedding planners like Princess Apulia, who can provide you venue like Castello Marchione that will never be out of trend.

The dress:

When it comes to the wedding season, the wedding dress has the heads high on it. Elegant ruffles and elaborating layers are said to be the key features of wedding gowns in the coming years.

The décor:

Keeping it natural is the key, a simple nature-inspired décor and luscious greenery will have you on point when it comes to 2023 wedding décor.

Get the list of trends ready now, so that you don’t miss anything.