Knee pads are one of the most used types of protection. They have many functions: they adjust and maintain natural heat, prevent significant injuries, and help prevent sprains and relapses by stabilizing the knee. When is its use recommended? It is recommended in arthritis, knee osteoarthritis, menisci injuries, trauma, ligament sprains, and knee dislocations.

They are made of antiperspirant fabric (usually felt) that prevents moisture and excessive heat, and on the inside, they have an inner lining not to hurt and irritate the skin.

How do knee pads work?

Currently, many types of knee pads vary according to the needs of each patient and the kind of problem or condition that he presents. There are both preventive knee braces and knee braces for rehabilitation once an injury has been suffered, and support is required to heal the area without risk of other injuries or complications.

The knee pads are supportive around the knee joint, which are made of elastic materials and other attachments that allow it to be adjusted with a specific force to provide stability and control the movement of the knee.

In this way, greater security is guaranteed that all the tissues and components of the body area will remain stable, aligned and there will be no risk of breaks, sprains, or fractures.

Protective, prophylactic knee pads or pads

Unisex Kneepad is a protective device generally used by athletes who practice high-impact or contact sports and industries. They run the risk of falls, bumps, sprains, or friction injuries.

They are devices that protect the knees and have covers and pads to absorb shocks and falls, preventing injuries to any part or tissue.

These are generally used as:

  • Soccer
  • Volleyball
  • Basketball
  • Skating
  • Skating jumpsuit
  • Figure skating
  • Football
  • Rugby
  • Industrial work

Conclusion: Within the practice of sport or working in industries, knee pads serve as prevention of worse injuries during sports exercise. Of course, when purchasing knee pads, you have to take into account the size that best suits you so that it supports the area as it should because otherwise, it will not help our recovery process.