Checklist for Your Romantic Decor Wedding in Cancun

Cancun has been one of the best places where one can plan a destination wedding, which is also an unforgettable and romantic destination. Spending a day on white sands can also be the perfect way to highlight your destination wedding as well as a honeymoon in this Mexican paradise.

So, if you want to plan for Cancun weddings then contact Riviera Cancun Weddings well in advance and let them know the tentative date at least a year in advance, so that you may not face any disappointment at the last moment.

Essential checklist for your romantic decor wedding in Cancun

1.      A romantic table and chair meant for your wedding

To achieve a romantic environment, you must select a few elements such as:

  • Classic or French-style, furniture
  • Color palette with pastel shades
  • Plants and flower patterns and textures
  • Sam table with Parota surface
  • Oval walnut table.

Complement your table by selecting chairs such as:

  • Captioned chairs
  • Sand Louis XV chair
  • Metal arena chair
  • Imperial chair
  • White Isabel chair.

2.      Classic tableware for your wedding

Your tableware must be elegant, so prefer the following:

  • Choose bright and shiny textures
  • Go for the color silver, gold, pearl, white or clear glass
  • Choose a few elements with detailed designs with floral motifs.

Pair your dinnerware with a certain glittering low plate, like:

  • Silver plate low
  • The gold band having a golden edge
  • Marble underplate.

3.      Unique romantic cutlery and glassware for your wedding

Prefer clear glass cups and glasses. You may prefer “carousel” or “debutante” style glass with a beautiful texture and design. Any of these colors will do:

  • Pink
  • Blue

The ideal color is golden, which will create a notable contrast if you select the “Venice gold cutlery set”. If you like traditional then choose a silver set like:

  • Silver cutlery set
  • Royal set.

4.      A beautiful centerpiece for the romantic wedding

Use more flowers, which must be in big and beautiful vases. Prefer pastel shades and a few red or pink roses. Candlesticks and candleholders are going to be perfect for your decor. Your table will look romantic, warm, and beautiful!

5.      Unforgettable romantic decor for your wedding

Live your destination wedding with the best decoration! Your romantic beach wedding in Cancun must combine the classic with certain tropical elements.

  • Use tropical leaves/ferns in your floral arrangements
  • Mix vases and candles in different places
  • Use a hanging chandelier to offer a romantic style.

6.      Reception décor for your wedding

This is the list for a wedding reception:

  • A tent
  • Lighting
  • Draping
  • Dance floor
  • Hanging décor or installations e.g. chandeliers
  • The backdrop for the head table or sweetheart table
  • Bar décor
  • Wedding hashtag signage
  • Table décor and signage of cake and/or dessert
  • Cake topper
  • “Just married” signage
  • Décor for your getaway car
  • Lounge area.


Any wedding ceremony needs detailed planning and particularly a destination wedding needs more detailed planning. The above checklist will take care of all your needs.

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